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The Old Part Of Town is a Baltimore-based Americana band, formed in 2013 to serve as a vehicle for the songwriting and musical talents of Matt Douglass and Sam Nitzberg. Mining the rich musical landscape of folk, rock and roll, country-western and blues, their dynamic live shows are peppered with covers of hidden gems from an eclectic range of musical sources.

Longtime friends, and veteran members of several Baltimore bands, Matt and Sam teamed up in 2010 to play some acoustic dates, which led to standout performances at tribute concerts to Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, and to their 2012 EP, "Grayest Hits." They formed the band soon afterwards. Seasoned players performing well-crafted and timeless material, showcasing tight vocal harmonies and tasteful musicianship, The Old Part of Town brings a wealth of musical knowledge and abilities to the stage, and has a natural, easy-going manner and a genuine, infectious camaraderie.

In the last several years The Old Part of Town has augmented their schedule to include curating and hosting special tribute concerts to John Prine and to The Band, at the Rams Head in Annapolis, The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, and WTMD-FM in Towson.

In 2015 The Old Part Of Town recorded their self-titled debut CD, garnering strong reviews. Their latest effort, "Second Avenue," was released in the summer of 2018.

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The Old Part Of Town
Matt Douglass - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, resonator, mandolin, lap steel
Sam Nitzberg - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, ukulele, mandolin
Steve Raskin - Drums/percussion, vocals
Upright Dave Frieman - Bass
Brian Whaley - Fiddle, mandolin

The Old Part of Town can perform in configurations of 3-5 musicians to fit your event or venue.

"Brings you in as friends listening to shared stories." The Alternate Root
"Homespun Harmonizing." The Modern Folk Music of America
"What is striking is the enthusiasm and joy with which the band plays its music." Rudolf's Music

"Mabelline" Official Video
"Daily Double" Performance Video
"The Shape I'm In" Performance Video

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The Old Part of Town (Debut Album)
Second Avenue





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  • Dec 14
    Baltimore Free Farm,  Hampden
  • Feb 1
    Boordy Vineyards,  Hydes
  • Mar 7
    An Die Musik,  Baltimore
  • Mar 8
    Private Party,  Mercersburg, PA
  • Mar 22
    Boordy Vineyards,  Hydes

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